Nineteen Victories in Two Days

Team Arctic Conquers the Terrain and Humiliates the Competition


Nineteen victories would be considered an exceptional season for some race programs. For Team Arctic, it’s just another weekend during the 2009 race season.

With a USCC cross-country race in Warroad, Minn., and the Lost Trail Hillclimb competition near Jackson, Mont., Team Green continued their season-long terrain blitz, racking up wins and showcasing their Sno Pro and M Series snowmobiles.

The biggest blowout happened at the Lost Trail Hillclimb, where for the second race in a row on the RMSHA circuit, Team Arctic proved their superiority with 12 class victories – including six Stock class wins and two King titles.

Todd Tupper had a weekend that won’t soon be forgotten, piloting his M8 HCR to wins in two Stock classes and two Mod classes, plus claiming King titles in both the Stock and Mod classes. Chance Buckallew was nearly unbeatable as well, scoring wins in three classes. Tony Zollinger, Amy Zollinger, Christy Frisby and Tabor Cresap continued their winning streaks and added to the team’s victory dance.

“When our team scored 11 wins at the last RMSHA race, I thought that performance would be the best of the season,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Hillclimb Coordinator. “Given their hard work, talent and the strength of the M Series, I should have suspected that they could win even more.”

At the Seven Clans Casino 100 cross-country in Warroad, Minn., Team Arctic racers concluded the USCC season with five class wins and seven championship point titles.

D.J. Ekre kept his leadership in the Pro Open class intact with his fourth victory of the season, edging teammate Brian Dick for the win and the championship title. Ekre put on a strong charge in the closing laps of the 10-lap Pro 600 class, setting the fastest lap times over the 8.5-mile course, but came up just 31 seconds short of victory to finish second.

Chad Kyllo, Jolene Bute, Justin Morken and Adam Brandt each scored class victories in Warroad, adding to the serious hardware haul displayed throughout the race season.

“I’m pleased with the team’s results from Warroad and during the entire USCC season,” said Team Arctic Race Director Mike Kloety. “Taking five class wins and notching seven championship titles is impressive. Incorporating what we’ve learned about the Sno Pro 600 race sled, plus adding the new Sno Pro 500 to our program, I’m confident we’ll be even stronger next season.

The next race on the RMSHA circuit is the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson Hole, Wyo., March 26-29. Go to for more information.

Team Arctic Results from RMSHA Lost Trail Hillclimb

600 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew
2. Tony Zollinger

600 Improved
1. Chance Buckallew
3. Jeremy Archibald

600 Mod
2. Tony Zollinger
3. David McClure

700 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew
3. Scott Cheeney

700 Improved
3. Rob Kincaid

700 Mod
1. Tony Zollinger

800 Stock
1. Todd Tupper

800 Mod
1. Todd Tupper

1000 Improved
2. Russell Frisby

Pro Masters Stock
1. Todd Tupper

Pro Masters Improved
3. Tony Ottobre

Women’s Stock
1. Amy Zollinger
3. Christy Frisby

Women’s Improved
1. Amy Zollinger
2. Christy Frisby

Women’s Mod
1. Christy Frisby
2. Amy Zollinger

Semi Pro Mod
1. Kyler Stone

1. Tabor Cresap

Stock King: Todd Tupper
Mod King: Todd Tupper

Team Arctic Results from the USCC Warroad 100 Cross-Country

Pro Open
1. D.J. Ekre
2. Brian Dick

Pro 600
2. D.J. Ekre

Vet 30
2. Chad Lian

Semi-Pro Improved
1. Chad Kyllo

Masters 40 Plus
3. Steve Arneson

Legends 50
2. Doug Oster

Juniors 14-17
1. Justin Morken
2. Timmy Kallock

Juniors 10-13
2. Adam Mach
3. Cole Lian

Sport 85
2. Timmy Kallock

1. Jolene Bute

Fan 600
2. Marty Feil
3. Justin Morken

Amateur 600
1. Adam Brandt
2. Erik Bute

Amateur Improved
2. Erik Bute
3. Adam Brandt


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