Team Arctic Finishes ISOC Snocross Season on Top in Lake Geneva

Four Victories and Two Championship Titles

The 2008-09 ISOC Snocross Series ended in the same way it began, with Team Arctic racers taking wins and filling the podium positions on their Sno Pro 600 race sleds. The finale, held in its traditional location of Lake Geneva, Wis., saw Team Green drop an exclamation point on another victorious season with four class wins and three championship titles.

In the Pro classes, Garth Kaufman and Ryan Simons traded podium positions with Kaufman taking second in Open and Simons third in Stock. Kaufman entered Lake Geneva tied in points for the Stock championship, and a win in the qualifying round kept him on pace to take the title. Fourth in the final was a great result, but not quite enough to take the title.

“Garth was the emotional favorite of many race fans,” said Team Arctic Race Manager Mike Kloety. “After Tucker Hibbert ended his season early with a large point lead, Garth made a huge effort to take command of the overall title. He was close, and we’re extremely proud of him.”

After a season of wins and podium finishes – including a second at Lake Geneva – Cory Davis earned a well-deserved Semi Pro Super Stock class championship title. Showing the depth of the team in this class, Christian Salemark won the class at Lake Geneva while Dan Ebert took third in the championship.

Team Arctic was equally strong in Semi Pro Open, with Ebert winning the final and Salemark in second. But the win proved bittersweet for Ebert, who ended up just two heartbreaking points from taking the class championship.

“Dan won the battles but lost the war,” said Kloety. “Had he not missed the first race of the season due to injury, I’m certain he would have taken the championship. But that’s racing: We won one championship with Cory, but just missed the other with Dan.”

Two classes where Team Arctic obliterated the competition included Pro Women and Sport Super Stock.

In the former, Carly Davis returned to the winning form that characterized the first half of her season to easily sew up the first of what appear to be many championship titles. Taking third at Geneva and second in points was JC Hupe, who rose to the occasion with wins in the second half of the season.

Likewise, in Sport Super Stock #1, Cody Thomsen nailed yet another convincing win to earn the title of Class Champion.

Team Arctic’s results from the ISOC Snocross Series in Lake Geneva, Wis.

Pro Open
2. Garth Kaufman
4. Ryan Simons

Pro Super Stock
3. Ryan Simons
4. Garth Kaufman

Pro Women
1. Carly Davis
3. JC Hupe

Semi Pro Open
1. Dan Ebert
2. Christian Salemark

Semi Pro Super Stock
1. Christian Salemark
2. Cory Davis
4. Christian Logan

Sport Super Stock #1
1. Cody Thomsen
3. Ryan Huston

Sport Super Stock #2
3. Ryan Huston
4. Cody Thomsen

Pro Plus 30 Stock
3. Josh Zelinski

Championship Titles
Semi Pro Super Stock
Pro Women
Sport Super Stock #1

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