Arctic Cat is King of the Mountain and the World


Photo Courtesy of BAM Film

15 World Championship Victories at Jackson Hole

Even for Arctic Cat, which has won more than its share of World Championship titles, the historic haul at the 2009 Jackson Hole World Championship Hillclimbs was unprecedented. When the last sled crested Snow King Mountain – an Arctic Cat, of course – and the wins were added, Team Arctic racers laid claim to 15 World Championship victories, included the overall King of Kings title.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Al Shimpa, Team Arctic Hillclimb Coordinator and a 20-year veteran of the Jackson, Wyo., event. “Even though we’ve dominated the hillclimb races all season, everyone comes to Jackson Hole ready to battle.

“To take twelve individual class championships, two King titles and the overall King of Kings victory was extraordinary. Congratulations go to our outstanding men and women racers.”

Chief among the outstanding performances were those delivered by Kyle Tapio of Battle Ground, Wash., who piloted his modified M8 to a win in 800 Mod, Open Mod, the Mod King competition and topped it all with the overall King of Kings title that’s awarded to the best of the best.

To win it, Tapio had to beat teammate Les Keller of Kalispell, Mont., who tapped the firepower of his M1000 to win 1000 Improved and the Improved King title (all King events pit against each other all the class winners in a given category).

Team Arctic racers were so dominant that, in addition to winning all of the 700 engine classes, they won two of three classes in the 600, 800 and 1000cc categories. If there was any doubt about the capability of M Series mountain sleds, it was erased as Team Arctic racers conquered Snow King Mountain, one after another.

“It was like a victory party on top of the mountain in almost every class,” said Team Arctic Race Manager Mike Kloety. “We captured 15 of 24 World Championship titles. Al Shimpa and Speedwerx worked hard to better our Stock, Improved and Open class sleds. The hard work is paying off big-time for our racers as well as our customers.”

The next race on the RMSHA hillclimb calendar is April 4 – 5 in Pocatello, Idaho. Go to for more information.

Team Arctic Results from the World Championship Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyo.

600 Improved
1. Jeremy Archibald
3. Cody Clawson

600 Mod
1. Nathan Zollinger
2. Russ Tapio
3. Nels Tapio

700 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew

700 Improved
1. Shad Free

700 Mod
1. Nels Tapio
2. Russ Tapio

800 Stock
2. Ty Free

800 Improved
1. Kyle Tapio

800 Mod
1. Kyle Tapio
3. Russ Tapio

1000 Stock
3. David McClure

1000 Improved
1. Les Keller
3. Ty Free

1000 Mod
1. Kyle Tapio

Open Mod
1. Kyle Tapio

Pro Masters Improved
3. Tony Ottobre

Pro Masters Mod
3. Derick Stone

Women’s Mod
1. Christy Frisby
2. Danielle Grange
3. Amy Zollinger

Semi Pro Stock
1. Landon Archibald
2. Justin Sampson

Semi Pro Improved
2. Braiden Coleman
3. Landon Archibald

2. Parker Sampson

King Winners
Les Keller – Improved
Kyle Tapio – Mod

King of Kings – Kyle Tapio


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