Sixteen Victories for Team Arctic at Pebble Creek Hillclimb

Another Record-Setting, Competition-Crushing Performance

Demoralizing. That describes Western hillclimb competition for anyone not on an Arctic Cat M Series. Team Arctic’s dominance reached epic proportions at the RMSHA Pebble Creek race in Pocatello, Idaho,

Fresh off of winning 15 World Championship titles at the Jackson Hole Hillclimb, Team Arctic racers hit Pebble Creek with overwhelming confidence and unmatched firepower to win 13 classes and three King titles while destroying any shred of hope the competition may have held onto.

“That was the most impressive performance of any team that I can remember,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Even more remarkable is the team’s depth, with seven different racers notching wins. There’s no arguing that we have the best combination of racers and snowmobiles.”

The results tell the story, with Team Arctic sweeping the Stock, Improved and Mod classes in the 600, 800 and 1000cc engine categories, usually with a teammate taking second in each class.

Likewise, Team Arctic swept all three of the Women’s classes, while the men put an exclamation point on the weekend by winning the Stock, Improved and Mod King competition. The M8 HCR went undefeated in the 800 Stock, Improved and Mod classes, as well as taking the three King titles.

“Our M Series sleds have run roughshod over the competition all season long,” said Kloety. “With our powered-up, 160-hp 800HO engine coming next season, we’re going straight for their jugulars.”

With one race remaining in the RMSHA season (April 10, in Logan, Utah), Team Arctic racers are set to deliver a final knockout punch. Go to for more information.

Team Arctic Results from the Pebble Creek Hillclimb in Pocatello, Idaho.

600 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew

600 Improved
1. Chance Buckallew
2. Jeremy Archibald

600 Mod
1. Nels Tapio
2. Nathan Zollinger

700 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew

700 Improved
2. Mike Zollinger

700 Mod
2. Nathan Zollinger
3. Tyler Ropelato

800 Stock
1. Kyle Tapio

800 Improved
1. Todd Tupper
3. Kyle Tapio

800 Mod
1. Russ Tapio
2. Todd Tupper

1000 Stock
1. Chance Buckallew
3. Ty Free

1000 Improved
1. Kyle Tapio
2. Ty Free

Open Mod
1. Russ Tapio
2. Tony Zollinger

Women’s Stock
1. Amy Zollinger
2. Christy Frisby
3. Jan Ottobre

Women’s Improved
1. Amy Zollinger
2. Christy Frisby

Women’s Mod
1. Christy Frisby

Semi Pro Stock
2. Landon Archibald

Semi Pro Improved
2. Justin Sampson

Semi Pro Mod
2. Justin Sampson

2. Parker Sampson
3. Tabor Cresap

King Winners
Chance Buckallew — Stock
Todd Tupper – Improved
Russ Tapio – Mod

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