A Perfect 10 (Wins) for Team Arctic at Beaver Mountain Hillclimb

The Competition is Glad the Season has Ended

The end of the RMSHA hillclimb season couldn’t come soon enough for anyone not riding an Arctic Cat M Series. So when the last sled crested Beaver Mountain in Logan, Utah, with Team Arctic claiming 10 more victories, there was a collective sigh of relief from the competition.

“There was no denying our racers and teams this year, and Beaver Mountain was another example of their dominance,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Even though a few of our top racers weren’t there, we still won more classes than any brand.”

While five different Team Arctic racers claimed wins at Beaver Mountain, Ty Free and Nathan Zollinger were the clear standouts. Both won two classes and a King title during the event, leaving no doubt that they and Arctic Cat rule the big horsepower classes.

Nearly as impressive was the continued domination of the Women’s classes by Christy Frisby and Amy Zollinger, who together finished first and/or second in all three events.

“It didn’t matter if it was a Stock, Improved or Modified class, from 600cc to 1000cc, we won everywhere,” said Kloety. “And knowing what’s in store with our powered-up 800HO engine for model year 2010 and hearing the positive test reports from our engineers, I’m certain that our current success is just a primer for what’s to dominate next season.”

Team Arctic Results from the Beaver Mountain Hillclimb in Logan, Utah.

600 Stock
2. Chance Buckallew
3. Tony Zollinger

600 Improved
1. Chance Buckallew
3. Jeremy Archibald

600 Mod
2. KC Stone

700 Improved
2. Ty Free

700 Mod
3. Nathan Zollinger

800 Improved
1. Ty Free

800 Mod
1. Nathan Zollinger

1000 Improved
1. Ty Free
2. Jeremy Archibald
3. Les Keller

Open Mod
1. Nathan Zollinger

Women’s Stock
1. Amy Zollinger
2. Christy Frisby
3. Mindee Zollinger

Women’s Improved
1. Christy Frisby
2. Amy Zollinger

Women’s Mod
1. Christy Frisby
2. Amy Zollinger

Semi Pro Stock
3. Kyler Stone

Semi Pro Improved
2. Justin Sampson

King Winners
Improved – Ty Free
Mod – Nathan Zollinger


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  1. Posted April 24, 2009 at 1:48 AM | Permalink | Reply

    Team Arctic is in the zone, great stuff!

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