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AMSOIL Duluth National Update

The AMSOIL Duluth National has been rescheduled. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures and an extended forecast for more of the same, the 18th annual race at Spirit Mountain has been moved to run the weekend of December 11 – 13.

Representatives from Visit Duluth, Spirit Mountain and ISOC have been watching the weather and considering all options. The staff at Spirit Mountain was prepared to work around the clock to make the required snow for the event, but Mother Nature has not cooperated with snowmaking efforts.

“The cold weather just didn’t make it to Minnesota by Sunday like we had hoped,” said Terry Mattson, Visit Duluth President and CEO. “While it is expected to get cold enough later in the week, there would not be enough time to 100% guarantee there would be enough snow to pull off
the event. We are concerned about the safety of our riders and putting together a good show for the fans.”

The AMSOIL Duluth National will be held on December 11 – 13 with the schedule of events running exactly as it had originally been planned. All tickets held by spectators will be valid for the new weekend. All racers registered for the event will be transferred to the new weekend. If you are not able to compete, please contact the ISOC office for a refund.

The postponement of the AMSOIL Duluth National will have no affect on the schedule for the Milwaukee Mile National on December 18 – 19.

A Minnesota Regional schedule for the season will be released this week with confirmed dates resulting from the rescheduling of the AMSOIL Duluth National.

We are looking forward to a great season of racing in 2009/2010. If you have any questions, please contact ISOC Racing at (763) 497-8474. Specific questions regarding Duluth may be directed to Visit Duluth at (218) 722-4011.

An update on the AMSOIL Duluth National

Above average temperatures have made snowmaking difficult at Spirit Mountain

As of today (11/19/09), the AMSOIL Duluth National is still on as planned for its 18 annual race on Thanksgiving weekend. However, a final decision will be made on Monday morning of next week at 9am if the race will run as planned or if it will be postponed.

“If on Monday morning at 9am, we are not 100% certain the race can be run and the snow necessary for the event will be made, the event will be postponed for two weeks,” said Scott Lorentz, ISOC Director of Operations. “We know a lot of fans and race teams travel a long way for this event and we are trying to be as proactive as possible with this decision.”

In a collaborative effort between Visit Duluth, Spirit Mountain and ISOC, it was decided that if the race is postponed it will run the weekend of December 11‐13. The rescheduling of the AMSOIL Duluth National will not affect any other dates for the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series and the Milwaukee Mile National will run as planned the following weekend.

“We have twenty‐one snow guns waiting in place to make the snow for the event,” said Terry Mattson, Visit Duluth President/CEO. “Based on the years of experience with this event and looking at the weather forecast, we believe we can still have enough snow for a great race. But if we cannot guarantee it for our fans and racers, we want to make sure they can plan accordingly.”

A final decision on this year’s event will be released on Monday morning. Until then, the 18th Annual AMSOIL Duluth National is on as expected and we are looking forward to another great season. If you have specific questions please contact either ISOC Racing at (763) 497‐8474 or Visit Duluth at (218) 722‐4011.

Improved SNO PRO 600, M8 HCR and New SNO PRO 500

Team Arctic Returns with the Most Potent Race Sleds

Team Arctic racers will head into battle this upcoming 2009-2010 race season piloting an improved and more potent array of race sleds, including the Sno Pro 600, Sno Pro 500 and M8 HCR hillclimber.

Leading the charge is an updated, race-only Sno Pro 600 that builds upon its place atop snocross and cross-country competition via a handful of improvements aimed at improved durability.

The 4130 chrome-moly and extruded-aluminum chassis sees reinforcement to the rear of tunnel for increased strength where the heat-exchanger mounts. A longer, more durably-mounted rear bumper complements the stiffened upper-chassis spar brackets for increased rigidity.

Additional focus was given to both suspensions, with more durable tie-rod ends for the upper A-arms (and on the steering arms), and a more robust front arm, idler arm and rear shock pivot in the Slide Action rear suspension.

The race-only 600 laydown engine proved to be the performance-leader last season and returns for 2010 with a new exhaust manifold that emphasizes quicker throttle response for improved holeshots. Stainless steel baffle plates in the resonator and additional welding on the exhaust pipe seams reinforce the system’s durability. A new metric-threaded crankshaft bolt is now used for commonality with other Arctic Cat engines. Horsepower for this ultra-light, high-performance engine remains 127 with pump gas.

The drive train on the Sno Pro has also been beefed up, with a 15-wide chain and gears, a stiffer driven shaft and stronger drive belt.

As it did last year, Arctic Cat produced both snocross and cross-country versions of the 2010 600 Sno Pro. The snocross Sno Pro incorporates a 15 x 128 x 1.7-in. lug Camoplast track, the Peak Torque Limiting (PTL) driveshaft system and 9-tooth drivers, C&A Pro skis, a 7-gallon fuel tank and unique calibration for the clutches and suspensions.

The cross-country Sno Pro utilizes a 1.25-in. Ripsaw track; a dash-mounted choke cable; 11-gallon fuel tank; the new ACT skis; 10-tooth drivers on the standard (non-PTL) driveshaft; a dash-mounted speedometer/tachometer; standard snow flap; and taller mid-height windshield.

Both versions of the 600 Sno Pro are equipped with high-performance goodies like V-Force Reeds, remote-reservoir FOX IFP shocks and TEAM driven clutch.

“Last season, Team Arctic racers won 32 out of 60 finals in the ISOC Pro, Semi-Pro and Sport snocross classes, as well as 39 of 87 possible class victories in USCC cross-country competition,” said Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety. “Clearly we have the best race sled in the business, and our focus for 2010 was to eliminate the few minor durability gremlins.”

Racers who are aiming at the 85-hp and Junior classes are will have the ultimate entry-level racer in the all-new Sno Pro 500. Based on the same championship-winning chassis of the 600 Sno Pro, this new consumer-available sled offers an 85-hp, EFI-equipped engine and oil injection for simplicity, ease and a level of performance that matches most riders’ abilities.

Besides the engine, the Sno Pro 500 is nearly identical to the cross-country version of the 600 Sno Pro, the only significant exception being the non-reservoir FOX IFP shocks and their calibration.

“The Sno Pro 500 is truly a gas-and-go race sled,” said Kloety. “To go racing, racers will simply have to stud the track, add more aggressive carbides and put on their race number. With EFI, there’s no jetting to mess with. And with a suspension calibration by Kirk Hibbert, it will be ideal for anyone in cross-country, and for less-aggressive snocross racers.

“We built the Sno Pro 500 to make it easy for would-be competitors to go snowmobile racing. It’s a fun, durable and extremely competitive sled that’s going to bring added attention to the 85-hp class this season.”

In the RMSHA hillclimb circuit, Team Arctic racers will go over-the-top with a more powerful and potent M8 HCR (Hill Climb Racer). Powered by the all-new 800 H.O. that pumps out 162 hp and has a 4.3-pound lighter, quicker-revving crankshaft, the 2010 M8 HCR comes to a knife-fight bearing a big gun.

In addition to the more powerful engine, the new HCR gets a wider 42-44-inch adjustable ski stance; more aggressively-calibrated FOX Float shocks in the rear suspension and Zero Pro shocks on the front; the new tall and extra light M seat; FrogzSkin-covered hood vents; and a harder 90-durometer 15 x 153 x 2.25-inch Power Claw track.

“The HCR was the dominant sled in RMSHA competition last year, with our phenomenal racers claiming 15 World Championship titles at Jackson Hole, 78 out of 172 first place finishes, 15 King titles and five High Point titles during the season,” said Mike Kloety. “We’ve provided them an even more-capable HCR this year, so I can confidently expect another stunning season.”

S N O P R O 6 0 0
2 0 1 0  A R C T I C  C A T  T E C H N I C A L  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

ENGINE TYPE, DISPLACEMENT (cc): 2-stroke, 599
BORE X STROKE (mm): 73.8 x 70 mm (2.906 x 2.755 in.)
GASOLINE: (Recommended 92 Octane (minimum) Non-Oxygenated
LUBRICATION: Premix (32:1 Ratio) Arctic Cat Synthetic APV 2-Cycle Oil
CARBURETION: Mikuni TM40 mm rack
EXHAUST: APV with tuned ceramic – coated pipe, pipe sensor and canister
DRIVE: Arctic (rpm sensing)
DRIVEN CLUTCH: Team driven
SKI STANCE (in.): 42.5
FRONT SUSPENSION: AWS VIII double-wishbone A-arms with FOX Zero Pro IFP shocks and sway bar
FRONT TRAVEL (in.): 10
REAR SUSPENSION: Slide-action frame with 7-position coupling, FOX ZERO X Piggyback front and rear shocks with adjustable dampening
REAR TRAVEL (in.): 13.5
TRACK WIDTH X LENGTH X LUG (in.): 15 x 128 x 1.7 Camoplast
BRAKES: Hydraulic disc
GAS TANK CAPACITY (Actual): 27.41 l (7.23 U.S. gal.)
GAS TANK CAPACITY (Rated): 24.61 l (6.5 U.S. gal.)
LENGTH x WIDTH (in.): 117 x 49.5
HEADLIGHT: Dual halogen (4-bulb)
DRY WEIGHT (approx): 204 kg (450 lb.)
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Handwarmer, thumbwarmer, low-height windshield, check engine temp light, tether swtich, V_Force reeds, adjustable timing-select module, sway bar, ACT Hot start system
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: VIP Data Acquisition System, digital/analog tachometer, digital/analog speedometer, dual stage trip odometer, mid-height windshield, 11 gallon gas tank


Team Arctic Racers Aim High for 2010

A Winning Tradition in Every Arena throughout North America

Tucker HibbertPhoto Courtesy of John Sandberg

With the winter 2009-2010 snowmobile race season set to begin in just three weeks, another legendary crew of Team Arctic racers is poised to pounce upon the podiums available in snocross, cross-country, hill climb, drag racing and more.

“I look at the combined experience of our teams and racers, the improvements we’ve made to our race sleds, the support of our sponsors and the new racers we’ve brought in, and I’m convinced Team Arctic will be as potent in 2010 as it was in 2009,” said Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety.

While the national-level races remain a high-priority for Team Arctic in 2010, Arctic Cat understands that its regional racers are the back-bone of the program, and their success is equally important for the team.

“Look at our list of racers, and not just the headline-winners,” said Kloety. “Across all disciplines and geographic areas, these racers and teams carry the passion of this company through their dedication, sportsmanship and, ultimately, their success. Their efforts are appreciated by everyone in the Arctic Cat family.”

Snocross: New and Familiar Names

The Team Arctic Snocross program includes the most successful core of racers from last year, but with a few twists that will bolster their overall performance.

Tucker Hibbert – defending X Games champion and undefeated in the four ISOC Nationals that he raced last season – is back on the Monster Energy Arctic Cat, with a six-race schedule focused on the first half of the season.

The Arctic Cat Factory Team will consist of neo-Pro Dan Ebert, who scored multiple Semi-Pro wins last year; Cody Thomsen, who won the Sport Super Stock championship last season and is now in Semi Pro; and new-to-the-team Kyle Pallin (Semi-Pro), whose speed and success will complement the crew that’s headed by crew chief Russ Ebert.

The Christian Bros. Racing (CBR) team returns with an even more potent cadre of racers. New additions to CBR include Ryan Simons (who won in both ISOC and USCC in 2009), Cory Davis (ISOC Semi-Pro Stock Champion and USCC Pro winner) and Zach Pattyn. They join last year’s Pro Open Championship challenger Garth Kauffman; Pro Women’s Champion Carly Davis; Semi-Pro stalwart Logan Christian; and Pro Vet Karl Christian.

Along with the Sportech Racing team (which now hosts Pro racer Paul Bauerly) and the strong contingent of racers and teams listed below, Team Arctic’s snocross program combines strong experience, talent and both National/Regional focus.

National Snocross
Tucker Hibbert
Ryan Simons
Garth Kaufman
Dan Ebert
Cory Davis
Zach Pattyn
Logan Christian
Cody Thomsen
Kyle Pallin
Justin Steck
Dusty Miller
Jacob Muller
Jacob Blanshan
Devin Bertoch
Nathan Moritz
Matt Pichner
Frattalone Racing
Sportech Racing

Canadian Snocross
Shoreline Racing
OTSFF Racing
Robin Deschenes
Kelly Boyd
Jamie Clement
Shaun Demarcke

MWR Snocross
Wes Selby
Taylor Meuwissen
Zach Acord
Willie Elam
Pat McLam
Tuffy McDonald

RMR Snocross
Chris Chico
David Duchnik
Trevor Bouchard
Jacob Phalen
Kyle Becker
KC Anderson

Midwest Snocross
Sticker Dude Racing
Josh Zelenski
Nick Pattyn
Johnathan schwantz
Peer Pressure Racing

Cross-Country: Comprehensive Support at all Levels

As the only factory supporting all classes and areas of cross-country racing, Team Arctic remains the most formidable force in terrain competition throughout North America.

In the USCC circuit, defending Pro Open champion D.J. Ekre and teammate Brian Dick will fly the Christian Bros. Racing banner, aiming for individual race wins and the I-500 in particular.

Joining them will be Team Green racers in the Pro, Semi-Pro, Pro Women and 85-hp classes, the latter of which will prove the effectiveness and competitiveness of the new Sno Pro 500.

In Alaska’s famed Iron Dog cross-country, former champions Scott Davis/Todd Palin,  Brad Helwig/Eric Quam and Andy George/Trey West are focused on returning Team Arctic to the top, where a win would mark 11 victories out of 26 editions of this famed event.

USCC Cross-Country
DJ Ekre
Brian Dick
Chad Lian
Ryan Houston
Dave Dirkman
Josh Carey
Jon Arneson
Josh Glendenning
Phil Storlie
Arne Rantanen JR
Bobby Menne
Cody Kallock
Trevor Fett
Ryan Greening
Cole Nymann
Mike Dirkman
Adam Brandt
Chris Sobeck
Eric Bute
Nathan Moritz
Mark Arneson
Bryce Buchanan
Tom Clement
Chris Klie
Justn Morken
Brad Cierzan
Jim Sobeck
Coltan Vandeputte
Jenna Sobeck
Brent Liggett
Marty Feil
Tim Kallock
Trevor Fett
Jolene Bute
Sasha Cook
April Moritz

IronDog Cross-Country
Scott Davis
Todd Palin
Brad Helwig
Eric Quam
Andy George
Trey West
Micah Huss
Brandon Baxter
Darrick Johnson
Kurt Steiner

Hillclimb: The Kings Remain the Same

With 15 World Championships, 15 King titles and 78 first place finishes in 2009, Team Arctic hillclimb racers approach the 2010 season as the undisputed kings of the mountain.

Names like Tapio, Zollinger, McClure, Tupper, Buckallew, Frisby, Free, Keller and Archibald have dominated the RMSHA mountain circuit aboard M Series snowmobiles, and their return for 2010 will maintain that momentum.

RMSHA Hillclimb
Team Tapio
Todd Tupper
Chance Buckallew
David McClure
Ty Free
Shad Free
Nathan Zollinger
Leslie Keller
Brent Cheeney
Scott Cheeney
Zollinger Racing
Ben Adams
Rob Kincaid
Tony & Jan Ottobre
Robert Tillotson
Jeremy Archibald
Cody Clawson
Russell & Christy Frisby
Derek, KC & Kyler Stone
Jonathan & Dusty Hancy
Rachel Humphery
Chad Smith
Justin Sampson
Braiden Coleman
Cody Swanson
Matt Elliott
Landon Archibald
Lonnie Keller
Sid Archibald

Drag, Oval, Enduro and Watercross

Throughout the history of snowmobile racing, Team Arctic has supported all forms of competition, and its focus for 2010 is to continue its winning tradition.

The drag racing program has proven unbeatable during the grass season thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication, as well as the potent mix of CFR 800, CFR 1000 and F Series snowmobiles.

In oval and enduro competition, Team Arctic comes to the track supporting a mix of teams that blend decades of experience with youthful focus. Names like three-time Eagle River World Champion P.J. Wanderscheid and endure mainstays Team Highland Racing will lead the charge in these legendary race venues.

Drag Racing
Gilland Racing
Glenn Hall
Kelly Shilts
Craig Wyent
Kerry Mcdonald
Matt Lemire
Ice Oval
P.J. Wanderschied
Hoglund Racing

Water Cross
Lindbeck Racing
Enduro Racing
Chris Ryan
Caddarette Racing
Lance Kalbfleisch
Team Highland Racing

Team Arctic’s Dedicated Sponsors

Team Arctic’s success on and off the track is made possible in part because of the strong, loyal support of its sponsors, each of whom shares the same passion as our racers and Arctic Cat.

For 2010, Team Arctic is grateful to announce the return of these great sponsors: Camoplast tracks, APV Synthetic Oil, Fox Racing Shox, Speedwerx, Renton Coil Springs (RCS), Moto Tassinari/VForce3, TEAM, Figgins Transport, Mitsuboshi drive belts, Stud Boy traction, C&A Ultra Pro skis, Smith Optics, Action Graphics and Sportech.