An update on the AMSOIL Duluth National

Above average temperatures have made snowmaking difficult at Spirit Mountain

As of today (11/19/09), the AMSOIL Duluth National is still on as planned for its 18 annual race on Thanksgiving weekend. However, a final decision will be made on Monday morning of next week at 9am if the race will run as planned or if it will be postponed.

“If on Monday morning at 9am, we are not 100% certain the race can be run and the snow necessary for the event will be made, the event will be postponed for two weeks,” said Scott Lorentz, ISOC Director of Operations. “We know a lot of fans and race teams travel a long way for this event and we are trying to be as proactive as possible with this decision.”

In a collaborative effort between Visit Duluth, Spirit Mountain and ISOC, it was decided that if the race is postponed it will run the weekend of December 11‐13. The rescheduling of the AMSOIL Duluth National will not affect any other dates for the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series and the Milwaukee Mile National will run as planned the following weekend.

“We have twenty‐one snow guns waiting in place to make the snow for the event,” said Terry Mattson, Visit Duluth President/CEO. “Based on the years of experience with this event and looking at the weather forecast, we believe we can still have enough snow for a great race. But if we cannot guarantee it for our fans and racers, we want to make sure they can plan accordingly.”

A final decision on this year’s event will be released on Monday morning. Until then, the 18th Annual AMSOIL Duluth National is on as expected and we are looking forward to another great season. If you have specific questions please contact either ISOC Racing at (763) 497‐8474 or Visit Duluth at (218) 722‐4011.


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